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    Hi ya all, thanks for the info and such but, i don't ever recall hearing that it had been released? Glad to know it was and also by Dukes Family. I will be ordering one sometime in Oct, as soon as I financially recover some from all the med bills this month-as well as new militaria purchases ;-))

    Gotta run, we have a MAJOR Thunderstorm brewing up and lightning is starting to strike close by.


    I have not seen it mentioned here anywhere I have looked but, a good friend of mine from England-who is a big big fan of Duke, told me yesterday that he picked up a copy of McLintock on DvD, which had been released by Batjac. Jason (my good friend) said this release has something like 2 or so hours of extras included. He hasn't watched it as of yesterday but, said he thinks that maybe Batjac had it restored?

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here has heard of Batjac releasing their copy of McLintock? I have not bought a copy of the movie yet because I don't want a lousy-public domain version of this movie.

    Anyway, im interested in hearing anything you all know about this release. :wink_smile: