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    For those who have the Encore Westerns channel on their cable/satellite line-up, you might be interested to know that McLintock! has been chosen as their movie of the month for December!

    Does anybody know - do they use the 'authorized' version, which is of significantly better quality, when televising this film? We don't have any kind of cable, so obviously can't answer that question.

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    5 pages of discussion here regarding the "official" release in '05. It was right up there with the release of The High and the Mighty and Island in the Sky (also released by Batjac in '05).

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    P.S. BTW, I've moved this thread to General Discussions.

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    Just in case anybody was wondering . . .

    We pulled McLintock! off the shelf this evening, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the wonderful quality of the Batjac-sanctioned release of this film on DVD. WHAT a difference! Our son inadvertently pulled the Good Times version out of a boxed set (which has a couple of documentaries worth keeping), and about 30 seconds into the movie, he said, "This is AWFUL!" We got the 'authorized' version in the player, and settled down to a pleasant time.

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    It's good to see you back!!

    Your question has been discussed quite a bit on this board, and you can read that discussion here. I searched quite extensively, and found three threads which discussed mostly the same thing, so I merged them into one, though I didn't merge them with this thread (I didn't want to overwhelm Keith's work here with extensive previous discussion).

    Thanks for asking!

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    Your question has been answered quite well by others already, so really, our only reason for posting now is to WELCOME you to the John Wayne Message Board, the very best of its kind on the 'Net!

    We're really happy to hear about your "watching partner" - good job, Dad!!

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    Originally posted by Dexter Woodruff@Mar 7 2006, 10:27 PM
    Hey Chester ! I did a little more looking & found an Arizona commerce website which lists Arizona locations. It's got "Tom Horn" listed (for the wrong year though) on page 81 of that pdf file & it shows the locations as Old Tucson, Mescal, & the San Rafael Valley. Since they got the year wrong, I don't know how reliable their info. is, but... It's at It may just be me. The scene in "Tom Horn" is the one where Tom is first meeting the ranchers who hired him & they're having a large meal outdoors at a ranch. The house sure looks like the same one from "McLintock"....



    I'm glad you were able to find out more information. I checked out the link you gave us, and it is certainly relevant to anyone wanting to learn more about film history in AZ.

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    Originally posted by Dexter Woodruff@Mar 7 2006, 02:45 PM
    Wasn't the house used in "Tom Horn"?



    Here's a link for the Filming Locations for Tom Horn. Looks like the closest place to Patagonia, AZ, that they list, is Mescal, AZ. I don't know how close that is to the ranch house.

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    Originally posted by nathan_brittles@Feb 11 2006, 07:44 PM
    Does anyone know if the Mclintock house was real or just built for the set? I was also wondering if anyone could identify the attractive actress who plays young Ben Sage's sister. She is featured in several scenes, but I have never seen her name listed anywhere.



    You can go here to read about the State Park in the San Raphael Valley, Arizona, where, at the end of the article, they mention McLintock.

    I couldn't find anything about Ben Sage's sister.

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    This ranks right up there as one of the more light-hearted of Duke's movies, truly fun!

    And now that it has been "officially" released, we can enjoy it in a good quality! :lol:

    Both Deep Discount DVD and Amazon have both the new, "official" Paramount's John Wayne Collection DVD, and also the "inferior" "unofficial" release that we have all come to hate :P . Deep Discount also boasts one movie poster for this movie.

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