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    I had many of my family that served in the Pacific in W.W. 2 and the stories that they would tell would make your Hair Stand On End. :fear:

    Vera; But the worst were told to me by a Young Man that Rented a Room from my Grandmother right after the World War 2 in Phoenix, Arizona. His Name was Johnny Cutchback and He was one of the Men that were on the "Japanese Death March" in the Philippines after the Islands Fell to the Japs.

    He had Bayonet Scars all over his Body that the Japs gave to Him to Keep all of the Prisoners moving on the Death March! And He said that if you did not keep moving they would Bayonet You to Death Right on the Spot !!! :(

    We became Hunting Partners in the Mid 1940s. We would sit around the Camp Fire at the end of the days Hunting and He would tell Stories about the Death March and I still have Bad Dreams about the Stories that told me, and that was over 60 Years Ago!!! :fear2:

    Bill :cowboy: