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    Thank you for the info in regards to Ward Bond. I was a bit down when Ward Bond and the others walked off to who noes what. Perhaps a prison camp or worse.When I was in the service we had a teck. Sgt who was on the Bataan Death march. He was not all there and I felf sorry for him.

    A great movie. Robert Montgomery was a Lt. Commander during WW3.
    John Wayne played his wonderful self. Who wouldn't like to have a fling with Donna Reed. Ward Bond has too small a part. I think he is great also.
    I have watched this movie over and over.

    A really great Duke movie! It reminds me of the way our country USED to be! I am very sick of everyone always trying to be politically correct.
    We need more people like the Duke was. I am becoming quite concerned about the way our country is heading. Sorry for preaching but I am very concerned.