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    It is strange. may be he was dissapointed by something. Was there some unused, cut material?
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    Originally posted by ethanedwards@Sep 27 2006, 03:13 AM
    As Arthur has pointed out, the film was not a happy
    experience for anyone concerned with it


    Anyway it became a masterpiece


    Hi Arthur,
    I forgot that is was Shooting star, because your story about reading Wayne biography in a bus with Dickens fun was really amasing. Dickens is one of my all times favorites, but i like your story because I'm often feel myself in the same situation. My great interest to Duke seems to the most of my friends as something curios and funny. Mostly becouse my profession and education are all around serios literature.

    It is interesting points you make about Ford and Wayne. I didn't count his films that way. But Duke himself never blamed him for that.

    And we can be sure thankful to Ford for some of most memorable Duke performances. And I myself like Ford films very much. And have a great interest for his works.

    About incedents I've read in Dan Fords book, how Duke ran after one prop man with the hammer and Ford stopped him.

    But what do you think about the Shooting Star. I'm many times cought myself with impression of unsure is it right or wrong. But I didn't read much about Duke. It is the only real biography, other book I have about him is memories.

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    Hi Keith,
    Thank you for the link. terrible and sad information. This make end of the film even more tragic.
    I saw the terrible conditions in the Jap war camps in the famous movie The Bridge over the river Kway, even if I don't quite like this movie in the whole.

    Hi Arthur,
    Thank you so much. He seems to be very nice man in the photo. I've read that he was very much alike Montgomery. So I think Ford cast Duke not for the learding part not because he wasn't in the service, but mainly because he was better for the other part.

    Had you read The Shooting Star? There is interesting episode when Ford, Montgomery, Duke and Wead was at Fords house descussing the script and Duke feeled so ashamed that he was the only one who wasn't at service and in civilian clothers that he cryed at bathroom. What do you think, is it true?

    Another interesting fact that Ford donated all money for the directing to his project for the veterans. But Duke and other actors kept their salaries for their own.

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    How horrible!
    Is it Japaneese Death March which is shown in Back to Bataan?
    I reread pages about They Were Expendable in Dan Fords book and in Duke biography the Shooting Star. Many interesting facts. John Ford knew Bulkeley (his name was changed to Brickley in the script) during invasion at Normandy, he was at his PT boat during it.
    But the most strange fact is that Kelly (whose part were played by Duke) and the nurse went to the court and received money for their claim against this movie.
    I'm really can't understand with what they were not satisfied. The romance between Ryan and Sandy are quite modest.
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    It's one of the best war movies I ever seen. And one of the greatest things in it that it was done about a fall, not victory. I think it can't be great in box office even during the war, because people always want to see victories (at the end at least) And here is no victory at the end. I always wonder what happened with all these soldiers and sailors left there who wasn't evacuated?