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    Originally posted by Hondo Duke Lane@Feb 26 2006, 05:08 PM
    I didn't realize that this trival was that hard. I know Viper gets them but it seems that no one (except Chester and the Mrs.) can do these. I'll try myself in couple of days if no one is going to do this.

    Cheers B)


    Ahem...I believe I did one also! :P

    Here are a few more....

    Robert Redford (Jeremiah Johnson) to Ethan Edwards (The Searchers)

    Robert Redford (Jeremiah) with Will Geer (Bear Claws Chris Lapp) in Jeremiah Johnson

    Will Geer ((Pop Chaney) with Harry Carey Jr. (Cort Hayjack) in Bandolero

    Harry Carey Jr. (Brad) with John Wayne (Ethan Edwards) in The Searchers


    Nicole Kidman in Cold Mountain to John Wayne in The Horse Soldiers

    Nicole Kidman (Ada Monroe) with Donald Sutherland (Reverend Monroe) in Cold Mountain

    Donald Sutherland (Pinkley) with Charles Bronson (Wladislaw) in The Dirty Dozen

    Charles Bronson (Lt. Velinski) with Steve McQueen ( Hilts) in The Great Escape

    Steve McQueen (Chief Michael O'Hallorhan) with William Holden (James Duncan) in The Towering Inferno

    William Holden (Major Kendall) with John Wayne (Colonel Marlowe) in The Horse Soldiers

    As I said before, this is fun but does take a little searching to put together. Maybe that is why others don't try. Give 'er a shot, folks...ya just might enjoy yourself :D


    Ok, I'll try connecting John Travolta -Saturday Night Fever to Stagecoach - John goes

    John Travolta was in the movie Grease (as Danny Zuko) with Stockard Channing, (as Betty Rizzo).

    Stockard Channing was in the movie The Venice Project (as Chandra Chase) with Lauren Bacall, (as Countess Camilla Volta)

    Lauren Bacall was in The Shootist (as Bond Rogers) with John Carradine (as Hezekiah Beckum).

    John Carradine was in Stagecoach (as Hatfield) with John Wayne (as Ringo)

    :D This is fun


    Ok, I havn't had any homework for years, but I think I got this goes!

    Ewan McGregor played Ed Bloom as a youngster in Big Fish with

    Jessica Lang, who played Sandra Bloom

    Jessica Lang played Louise in How To Beat The High Cost Of Living with

    Eddie Albert, who played Max

    Eddie Albert played Col. Thompson in The Longest Day with

    John Wayne, who played Lt. Col. Benjamin Vandervoort . :D