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    Duke's Duchess, you're GOOD! You make real fast, short connections. Very impressive.

    Sometimes, I take a more circuitous route to get to the end.

    You and j.p.harrah are having a good time with this, and really good at it, too!

    Mrs. C :angel1:

    You blew me away on that one j.p. I had no idea that Ken Curtis was in The Searchers.

    Hondo, are you serious? I'm sure you really did know that. He was the guy who was courting Laurie, Charlie McCorry (who played the guitar). I feel confident if you were watching it, you would immediately recognize him.

    Mrs. C :angel1:

    P.S. I'll be back later, to try a connection, when I have a little more time :wink_smile:.

    Will Smith . . . . . . . Hitch to Trouble Along the Way . . . . . . . . . . John Wayne

    Will Smith - Hitch - Adam Arkin
    Adam Arkin - The Fourth Wise Man - Eileen Brennan
    Eileen Brennan - The Last Picture Show - Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson - She Wore A Yellow Ribbon - Jack Pennick
    Jack Pennick - They Were Expendable - Donna Reed
    Donna Reed - Trouble Along the Way - John Wayne

    Sally, I use IMDb, but I only choose actors/actresses and films I have heard of and seen, respectively.

    Mrs. C :angel1:

    Tom Hanks . . . . . . Cast Away to Island in the Sky . . . . . . . . .. . .John Wayne

    Thanks, Hondo, for reviving this game!

    I'll have a go at it, again . . .

    Tom Hanks - Cast Away - Helen Hunt
    Helen Hunt - Twister - Cary Elwes
    Cary Elwes - Princess Bride - Peter Falk
    Peter Falk - The Great Race - Denver Pyle
    Denver Pyle - Horse Soldiers - Jack Pennick
    Jack Pennick - The Searchers - Harry Carey, Jr.
    Harry Carey, Jr. - Island in the Sky - John Wayne

    Mrs. C :angel1:

    That was an interesting path. I didn't see that. So you did great on that one. Great one, Chester or Mrs?

    It was me :angel1: . . . .

    I had fun with it, and I do realize I could have connected John Wayne as early as Jack Warden (who appeared with Duke in Donovan's Reef), or George Kennedy, who was in The Sons of Katie Elder and Chisum, but it was fun to keep it going a little longer.

    I will confess that I do use IMDb as a resource, especially when you start with more recent movies, since I haven't seen many of them, so I don't even know who's in them. But it is a fun thing to do every now and then :thumbs_up:.

    I hope others won't be intimidated by my longer lists, and take a stab at this fun game.

    Mrs. C :angel1:

    Connect the Stars!

    1. Liam Neeson - Schindler's List to Reunion in France - John Wayne

    Liam Neeson (Oskar Schindler) - Shindler's List - Ralph Fiennes (Amon Goeth)
    Ralph Fiennes (voice of Rameses) - Prince of Egypt - Sandra Bullock (voice of Miriam)
    Sandra Bullock (Lucy) - While You Were Sleeping - Jack Warden (Saul)
    Jack Warden (Dr. Ludwig Bessner) - Death on the Nile - George Kennedy (Andrew Pennington)
    George Kennedy (Leo Krause) - Strait-Jacket - Joan Crawford (Lucy Harbin)
    Joan Crawford (Michelle) - Reunion in France - John Wayne (Pat Talbot)


    Originally posted by Hondo Duke Lane@Feb 3 2006, 04:00 PM
    5. Mel Gibson -
    Pocahontas to Alleghany Uprising - John Wayne


    Mel Gibson (voice of John Smith) - Pocahantas - David Ogden Stiers (voice of Gov. Ratcliffe)

    David Ogden Stiers (voice of Cogsworth) - Beauty and the Beast - Angela Lansbury (voice of Mrs. Potts)

    Angela Lansbury (as Edwina Brown) - National Velvet - Donald Crisp (as Mr. Herbert Brown)

    Donald Crisp (as Alec Waggoman) - The Man from Laramie - James Stewart (as Will Lockhart)

    James Stewart (as Ransom Stoddard) - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - John Qualen (as Peter Ericson)

    John Qualen (as Jose Lacota) - The High and the Mighty - Claire Trevor (as May Holst)

    Claire Trevor (as Janie McDougall) - Allegheny Uprising - John Wayne (as James Smith)

    I have to admit that I utilize IMDb for character names, but I have seen all the movies I listed, except Allegheny Uprising. I find these fun, if I am familiar with the movies and actors, but I can understand it not being fun for some. Some of mine are longer because I want to make connections of actors/actresses and films with which I am familiar. Sometimes I make them long because it is fun :rolleyes: . The other thing I personally choose not to do is to include TV episodes, if I can help it.

    Mrs. C :angel1: (with Chester stacking ZZZZZZZZs in the background - he doesn't find these as fun as I do :D )


    Originally posted by Hondo Duke Lane@Feb 3 2006, 04:00 PM

    1. Robert Hayes - Airplane to The High & The Mighty - John Wayne


    This is an easy, short one -

    Robert Hayes (as Ted Striker) - Airplane - Robert Stack (as Kramer)

    Robert Stack (as John Sullivan) - The High and the Mighty - John Wayne (as Dan Roman)

    Pretty short connection for movies that are 26 years apart.

    Mrs. C :angel1:


    Originally posted by Hondo Duke Lane@Jan 31 2006, 02:18 PM

    Reese Witherspoon - Walk the Line to The Wings of Eagles - John Wayne


    OK, I'll go for it -

    Reese Witherspoon (as June Carter) – Walk the Line – Joaquin Phoenix (as Johnny Cash)

    Joaquin Phoenix (as Jack Morrison) – Ladder 49 – John Travolta (as Capt. Mike Kennedy)

    John Travolta (as Sean Archer/Castor Troy) – Face Off – Harve Presnell (Victor Lazarro)

    Harve Presnell (as Johnny Brown) – The Unsinkable Molly Brown – Debby Reynolds (as Molly Brown)

    Debby Reynolds (as Tammy Tyree) – Tammy and the Bachelor – Sydney Blackmer (as Professor Brent)

    Sydney Blackmer (as Herr Seseman) – Heidi – Shirley Temple (as Heidi)

    Shirley Temple (Rebecca) – Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm – Randolph Scott (as Tony Kent)

    Randolph Scott (as Ben Stride) – Seven Men from Now – Lee Marvin (Bill Masters)

    Lee Marvin (as Liberty Valence) – The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence – James Stewart (Ransom Stoddard)

    James Stewart (as George Bailey) - It’s a Wonderful Life - Ward Bond (as Bert the cop)

    Ward Bond (as John Dodge) - Wings of Eagles – John Wayne (as Frank “Spig” Wead)

    I must say that I consulted IMDb, but I didn't include any movies or actors/actresses that I haven't seen or didn't know :rolleyes: .

    Mrs. C :angel1:


    Originally posted by Hondo Duke Lane@Jan 30 2006, 03:00 PM
    White Christmas - Bing Crosby to John Wayne - The Shootist

    OK, here goes . . .

    Bing Crosby - White Christmas - Danny Kaye

    Danny Kaye - Hans Christian Andersen - John Qualen

    John Qualen - (just for reference . . . Donovan's Reef, The High and the Mighty, The Long Voyage Home, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, North to Alaska, The Sea Chase, The Searchers, The Shepherd of the Hills, The Sons of Katie Elder) - one of those pals in the saddle was also in . . . . - Casablanca - Ingrid Bergman

    Ingrid Bergman - Spellbound - Gregory Peck

    Gregory Peck - To Kill a Mockingbird (that's for Hondo :D ) - Paul Fix

    Paul Fix - Cahill, U.S. Marshall - George Kennedy

    George Kennedy - Airport - Dean Martin

    Dean Martin - Ocean's Eleven - Cesar Romero

    Cesar Romero - Donovan's Reef - Dorothy Lamour

    Dorothy Lamour - Road to Singapore - Anthony Quinn

    Anthony Quinn - Tycoon - (Sir) Cedric Hardwicke (he wasn't "Sir" at the time)

    Cedric Hardwicke - Rope - James Stewart

    James Stewart - The Shootist - John Wayne

    Whew! Yeah, we know, we could have done it in fewer steps, but it was fun :lol: !

    The Mrs. :angel1: and Chester :newyear:

    Hondo did indeed do this about three years ago, and it was fun, and we came up with a pretty incredible connection between

    Michael J. Fox – Back to the Future to John Wayne – The Long Voyage Home

    read it here . . . .

    I confess, we were unable to come up with a connection between Ewan McGregor and John Wayne, but look forward to seeing what it is :rolleyes: .

    Mrs. C :angel1: