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    One of the neatest things in my life. But, I sure do know how those boys felt after the first day. The owner and trail boss said he wouldn't cut me any slack because I was a woman, and he sure didn't. I also roped a calf I couldn't get out of a draw. Yep, my cousin's husband was a rodeo guy...specialty was calf roping. I visited a few days and besides the horses, he had the cattle horns that moved, and the back leg contraption of the rope them that way if you want to turn them over for competition. You have to BOUNCE the noose off the ground and have it come up over their back feet......then close the noose before it can get down to the ground again. I got it FIRST time and he couldn't beLIEVE it. Took me a whole 'nother day to do it again, LOL! Beginner's luck.
    But, the one on the drive was just a throw around his head so I could make him follow me out of the draw.

    Riding horses is great. I now ride Carat only bareback, and he has never even seen a bit. But, having all that gear on the trail and actually moving cows...can get dangerous as you will see in The Cowboys....that is the real thing. Our rides had always been out in the country over my uncle's huge farm and those of his neighbors. Lots of banks to slide down into rivers and swim across, open pastures, woods to get through without getting scraped off or getting your leg pinned, wild gallops over even terrain, hills that went almost straight up.....and then back down again! I rode on a "made up" trail once.....never again. Most boring thing I have ever done, LOL. We usually camped out from Friday after school until early Sunday morning. We would gallop back to the stable, walk the horses for about a half hour, groom them really well, feed them and then put the western gear away and tack them up with English gear for my uncle and his friends. They got there right about the time we finished, LOL....and off they went on their Sunday ride. But, just because Uncle Floyd rode English most of the time, didn't mean he wasn't one heck of a rider. Once, when he was 78, he was racing another younger fellah and his horse mistepped and penned him.....broke his hip and thank goodness, did not hurt the horse. Two months later, he was back on Joe, the same horse, racing the same young fellah......won too, LOL! Keith

    Interesting you mention the English and western styles. It was quite interesting riding through monument valley 'western style' compared to the 'formality' of the English style. I'm really lazy so enjoyed the relaxed western style, lol!

    Wow Keith. Doing the real thing must have been amazing!
    It's the one thing us UK guys can never duplicate. I ride horses but its nothing compared to that! I'm very envious!
    I only bought The Cowboys when I posted on the forum, didn't know beforehand, impulse buy as it was starring at me and cheap! P:wink_smile:

    I've decided to bite the bullet and get The Cowboys on blu ray.
    Everyone seems to hold it in high regard so you can't all be wrong, lol!
    I know the transfer is a corker so ill do my duty and watch it again and see what I get out of it.