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    what movie do you think was worst then that one Dooley?

    I've started watching three Texas steers which has some guy in a gorilla costume in it which is looking like it may win the day!:wink_smile:

    Joking aside, as I mentioned, I've got a whole load of the Duke's films still to go through and if that's the worst of the bunch then I should enjoy them all.

    I think that is part of his continuing appeal, it's not that he was a ground breaking actor, he was and is just is so watchable.
    Time for another music analogy, some people are hugely talented but you can only listen to a few songs and then they start to jar, others you can have on all day long and it's always a pleasure. That's how I feel watching the Duke's films and why I can watch them again and again.

    By far the WORST MOVIE he ever made!


    I'm still going through the Duke's huge film catalogue and didn't think Jet Pilot was THAT bad.
    Looks like I'm in for some good stuff if that's the low point.
    I may also be biased as I have a real soft spot for Janet Leigh.
    I was lucky enough to Meet her in London at a book signing and she was very appreciative of everyone who turned up.