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    Part 3 of the Howard Hawks, trilogy, although I thought this was quite different from the other two!
    Whilst I thought RIO BRAVO, EL DORADO, followed a very similar patterm, I felt this one didn't.
    Ok, there were, similarities, but I don't know, it just was.well....different!!
    Duke was great cast as the Colonel, but some of the others, in comparison, were weak.
    Mexican, Jorge Rivero, a good looking, former Olympic swimmer, was pretty inept in his part.

    I just watched this film last night, and I can't agree more... Rivero was charming but he was just no match for the Duke. Chris Mitchum was slighrly better, but the really weak supporting performances in the first half of the film really weaken it.

    Things only really begin to improve when the always delightful Jack Elam shows up but his screen time is sadly small, Just imagine what it would have been like if he had palled around with Wayne for most of the picture!

    And with the exception of Amelita, the woman are annoying and can't act to save their lives, O'Neil is/was a horrible actress. Tuscarora's girlfriend was whiny and a character that could have been eliminated entirely.

    The movie is highly enjoyable despite all its flaws, and that's primarily because of John Wayne himself as he carries the entire film on his shoulders and almost damn near succeeds in making a really good movie. He finally gets some help when Elam shows up, and boy does Elam lighten that load for Wayne.