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    didnt like this film the first time i saw it but watched it again last night and really enjoyed it. can t understand why i didnt like it the first time. it has some really funny lines in it.
    for example when the dentist givews him a shot and tells him he wouldnt have to do it if he d been a better actor and "if you hear a loud noise it ll just be mr ketchum dying." also, "we promised you in a trade. we didnt say what condition you d be in."
    kind of classic john wayne. straight forward and good fun.

    thanks shortgrub - i ll have a good look through these this afternoon... and you re right... it is to understand the background to rio lobo

    thanks shortgrub
    well basically what was the civil war all about? how did it start and why? and where was it mostly fought out? was it geographical or ideological? has it made politics in america the way it is today ie would one side have been republicans and the other democrats?
    anything at all really - also which are the best sites to look up

    Badger, no worries. Most young Americans probably have no idea who Winston Churchill was or if the British invasion of the 60's was done with music or guns.:wink_smile:

    yeah but all of a sudden its captured my imagination and i want to know more. do you really call the beatles, oasis etc... british invasion music? we just call it brit pop

    i d like to add as well, i am so ashamed of my lack of knowledge on the american civil war that i have got some books out of the library on it!!!

    i watched this for the first time last night and i thought it was an ok film. to my shame, i don t know a lot about the american civil war, so found it a bit confusing to begin with but once i got into the story i enjoyed it.
    i do think though, that it was john wayne that carried the film. the women were annoying, mostly because they seemed to lack credible personalites and they seemed to jump in with their lines before jw had finished his.
    thought jack elam was great and their were some great lines in it ...
    Cord McNally: Ketcham, we promised you in a trade. But we didn't say what *condition* you'd be in!
    Cord McNally: Mr. Phillips; you watch Ketchum while we go inside.
    Phillips: Sure thing, Colonel. If you hear a loud noise, it'll be Mr. Ketchum dyin'.
    on the whole, i think 7/10 is about right