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    Thanks, Mark!

    I wasn't paying close attention, although I did go back to the CD and discovered the first one is mis-named "Rio Lobo poster" (I was thinking maybe I just clicked on the wrong one).

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    . . . the woman are annoying and can't act to save their lives, O'Neil is/was a horrible actress. Tuscarora's girlfriend was whiny and a character that could have been eliminated entirely.

    Lt. B, the Mrs. says she couldn't agree more with your assessment of the female characters in the film. "Annoying" is the word she uses every time we watch the movie.

    On another vein, here is a poster for your enjoyment ~

    Rio Lobo-poster 2.jpg


    Originally posted by WaynamoJim@Jan 27 2006, 12:42 PM
    The movie was somewhat enjoyable and it was Jack Elam that made it so. I thought that there was no chemistry at all between O'Neill and Rivero. Just two pretty faces who couldn't act.


    I couldn't agree with you more. I really enjoy Jack Elam (saw him recently in Support Your Local Gunfighter and Support Your Local Sheriff). The Mrs. dislikes this film specifically because of the women in it - she says they are "annoying."

    Deep Discount DVD has the movie and two posters.

    Amazon has the film in the new John Wayne Collection series, as well as an older version.

    Chester :newyear: