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    The movie was somewhat enjoyable and it was Jack Elam that made it so. I thought that there was no chemistry at all between O'Neill and Rivero. Just two pretty faces who couldn't act. Film was noteworthy for the fact that writer George Plimpton had a cameo as a Ketchum gunman who gets his in the first half of the movie. In fact, some years ago, Plimpton did some tv specials about some of the jobs he did over the years to see hwat they were like. And one was about his time on this movie and I remember it was interesting to watch. At one time, Wayne called him Pimpleton. Anybody know just how many movies Mike Henry did with Wayne? I know he did this and The Green Berets but, I can't remember any others. I always like his style. He made a good villain and he did a good role in the original Longest Yard. Also, Sheree Lansing, who played Amelita, went on to run one of the big studios for a short while. I think it was 20th Century Fox.