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    You're right, Chilibill. When I was working down at the U.S. Naval base at Port Hueneme, with our Naval Reserve diving unit (we had to pull brass screws off a destroyer that was going to be used for target practice), this base was one of just a few Seabee bases around the country.

    They had a Seabee museum there that was very interesting. It documented extensively the movie that John Wayne was in, plus they had a lot of very interesting displays from firearms on up. It was obvious that the Seabees had a lot of pride in their organization. Here's a link. (Interesting side note . . . they are selling bricks as part of a fund-raising effort to build a new museum.)

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    We sure do enjoy this movie. It is one of JW's movies that I definitely remember watching in my youth. I have a distinct memory of the scene where the bulldozer pushes the Japanese tank off the side of the cliff :smile: . Some of you might have better memories than mine, but for me we're talking 50 years ago - I wasn't even 10 years old yet. This is one of the movies I found at K-Mart for $6.95 about 4 or 5 years ago, that got me started buying old JW movies and really getting into learning about him again.

    From that humble beginning to a raving fanatic :fear: !

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