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    Just watched this last night. Nice pic, Larry. Funny, how now..........when I go to a page it is in the middle of the thread. Read where someone said they had just watched was signed
    CHILIBILL. Goosebumps, yep! Or maybe he was just saying Hi to old Keith. I think the page problem is it doesn't keep me signed in anymore. KEITH

    Thanks Keith, But I just HATE it when Duke gets killed! I almost had a heart attack at the end of IWO JIMA, and I about died when I heard them say, "Saddle up"!

    Veterianian friend of mine was on the first wave at Iwo. He was shot in the ankle as soon as he got off the LCV. His foot was never right after his injury, but.....HE made it back! Just wish they wouldn't kill Duke off!