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    I actually enjoyed that scene and still do, it would be classified as very un PC nowadays but I thought the imitation was just fine to arouse enough suspicion with the guard, remember he wasn't fooled but confused.


    Hi Keith

    I figured the changeover had something to do with it as I cannot imagine you making a goof like that. Incidentally I've been reading through many of the film threads and I have noticed that you have added a lot to them since the changeover, its all very impressive.

    Well done and thanks.


    Hi Keith you have used a picture from 'The Sons of Kaite Elder' for this thread, the picture depicts both Dean Martin and John Wayne.

    I agree with the posted above the 'unknown' is defently James Cann.



    Originally posted by joekiddlouischama@Aug 23 2006, 11:00 AM
    ***SPOILERS*** for El Dorado

    I don't think that El Dorado (1967) is a terribly substantial film or a significant Western in the history of the genre. The movie is obviously derivative of director Howard Hawks' previous Western with John Wayne, Rio Bravo (1959), and its treatment of violence is lightweight, lacking the gravity of Hawks' austere and often grave Red River (1948). Surely, certain thematic explorations about the flippant resort to violence in the Old West and the mercenary nature of gunfighting go untapped in El Dorado. In a sense, Hawks was just coasting by this late point in his career.

    Hi Joe

    Surely this was the point of El Dorado, when Leone was catering for a certain audiences with his portrayal of gritty violence, Hawks was offering a refreshing alternative. A movie that includes violence but in a more lightweight manner this is something which many people craved due to the cold war, vietnam or even the spagetti westerns and thats one reason why El dorado is so popular even in 2006.


    Hi EE

    Thank you for including information about deleted scenes, but I thought the scene in which there is a party before Duke left El Dorado after getting shot was left in.

    I know there was another scene deleted from the movie in which Joey apologises to Duke for shooting him.

    El dorado is however a great movie and works really well, its one of my favourite John Wayne westerns.