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    You MAY have a picture out of place here, Bill....I haven't looked yet, but I thought that Duke only rode Zip Cochise, (smallest horse he rode in a film), in El Dorado. This sure does look like him. Will have to look at the War Wagon to be sure, but the bandana and hat are different from the others also. Think this is from El Dorado, maybe? KEITH

    Yeah this one looks to be from El Dorado-also due to the way he's holding his arm-

    Been a while, but I just saw this. If you mean the fight the Indian helped to start, I didn't see one scene where Duke had a stunt man. After all, he and Yak perfected the fights. Usually, the only time he is stunted is when he has to fall badly, go through a window, or something of the sort. He really enjoyed doing the fight scenes from what I have read and "fought" the directors to be able to do some they didn't want him to.
    Of course, I was watching this on You Tube. I did see one very far shot when Duke was just standing there that I was not sure it was him. Can't imagine why he would have a double for that though. Keith Guess you noticed Frank McGrath and Terry Wilson of Wagon Train were both in it.....Frankie was the small bartender and Terry was at the head of the steps....later he was knocked silly through the saloon doors.

    There's a couple long shots where it is clearly not Duke. It doesn't take anything away from him, I think he pretty much choreographed the bar fight also (the featurette mentions this).

    Quick question-anyone know who doubled Duke in the bar fight? It's not "Bad" Chuck or Jim Burke in the long shots. Looks a bit like Red Morgan, but he's not. Anyone know for sure?

    The last time I was in Florida to Universal-2000-the War Wagon had pretty much rotted to a pile of wood. A sad end. Last I heard, they removed the entire prop area for another attraction.