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    Already told you my friend....El Dorado as he is on Zip, and here is a screen cap from El Dorado just so you feel sure, LOL. He has just crossed the same stream here.

    I did a sketch of this, why I knew, LOL. And I researched all about it.
    With all you have it is amazing you keep things straight. YK

    LOL, thanks Tinker. Just was pretty sure that he only rode Zip Cochise in the one picture, and if that isn't Zip Cochise, then I am a Monkey's uncle, LOL!

    Duke rode on War Wagon a sandy coloured horse which was actually the same horse that James Caan rode in El Dorado.

    And to really confuse matters Kirk Douglas rode Dollor ( different horse to the later Dollar) in War Wagon that John Wayne rode in quite a few films such as the Undeafeated. Musical horses is perhaps what makes it so confusing.

    You MAY have a picture out of place here, Bill....I haven't looked yet, but I thought that Duke only rode Zip Cochise, (smallest horse he rode in a film), in El Dorado. This sure does look like him. Will have to look at the War Wagon to be sure, but the bandana and hat are different from the others also. Think this is from El Dorado, maybe? KEITH

    There's a couple long shots where it is clearly not Duke. It doesn't take anything away from him, I think he pretty much choreographed the bar fight also (the featurette mentions this).

    Thanks Robbie, I really miss the EXTRAS on the DVDs when I had Netflix. I learned a lot from Leonard Maltin, Peter Bogdonovich, etc. Although I had to correct both of them a couple of times, LOL. Once, in Hondo, Leonard said it was Roberson stunting Duke when it wasn't even close to his riding style and a freeze frame, (that he even mentioned), showed it was GOOD Chuck. Also, he never mentioned Ward's Wagon Train crew was in the movie....he completely missed Terry Wilson as Duke's double in the knife fight, (and Terry's knife fighting style is hard to miss), with Silva and the brief double for Leo Gordon Just when the Indian jumped on him. Also Frank McGrath, besides being in the movie was the Indian shot off the rock. As for Peter...there were many mistakes. But the most glaring of them all was when he was reviewing The Searchers again not long ago. I caught his post and immediately emailed his secretary so he could change it. She told me later that she didn't think it was important. But, Peter said the story was about a family that was killed and only ONE child was taken by the Indians. If that had been so, one of Duke's greatest scenes when telling Dobe Carey about finding his girl would never have been....."Long as you live, don't ever ask me more!" Gives me goose bumps just thinking of that scene! Keith

    Don't think I mentioned this before, but actors have to do other jobs when they aren't acting. Billy, the explosive expert, (Robert Walker, JR), worked for a star studded limo company. Marty and Frenchie Allen once called their service for Gibbons and me when she found out Gibbons had never taken me to any of the studios, so she called her Limo service and made some "gate" calls, etc. When the limo arrived, I grabbed Marty and whispered to him that the driver was a pretty well known actor. Marty just said, "Actors have to eat when they aren't acting, Keith!" Yep, it was JR. He had a script for Jonathan Livingston Seagull by him, (didn't get the part). Gibbons was embarrassed that I asked him all kinds of questions about his acting, etc. but Robert wasn't. He seemed to love it and told me lots about his career. He took us all over everywhere. And when we were having dinner in Sneaky Pete's, (McMahon's favorite restaurant, if we were with him, we never went anywhere else......thank goodness other folks liked Chasen's, etc. LOL), he came almost running in to get us with his swanky chauffeur's uniform on. He said we were very late, took hold of an arm of each of us, gave his respects to Ed, and almost PULLED us out of Pete's! He broke every speed limit there was to the airport, got our luggage and golf bags on a cart and made us run with him to the check in, (it was a celebrity chartered flight to Puerto Rico, so we didn't have to do reservations or anything, just show ID). We JUST made it on to the flight before the gate was removed. But, I DID have time to give him a great big hug and thank him for such a wonderful day, (he even got us in places that Frenchie hadn't called when he asked what I would like to see). And Gibbons had time to add a handful of big bills to the handshake they shared. It is SO neat every time I see him on anything. Hilarious.....all the people outside of the limo everywhere we went were trying to see in the back black windows to see who was inside, when there was a movie and TV star in perfect view in front driving! Keith

    Yep, I did say I couldn't tell from that fuzzy You Tube. But, I don't believe he was doing any fighting. I imagine they used the double because he didn't need to be on the set. Large fight scenes are usually broken up into different takes. Duke was there for the takes that were closer up....not necessary for him to be there for the ones so very far away. Would like to see it on a DVD though....could certainly tell better. Not that it is important to the scene. Thanks, Robbie.

    Quick question-anyone know who doubled Duke in the bar fight? It's not "Bad" Chuck or Jim Burke in the long shots. Looks a bit like Red Morgan, but he's not. Anyone know for sure?

    Been a while, but I just saw this. If you mean the fight the Indian helped to start, I didn't see one scene where Duke had a stunt man. After all, he and Yak perfected the fights. Usually, the only time he is stunted is when he has to fall badly, go through a window, or something of the sort. He really enjoyed doing the fight scenes from what I have read and "fought" the directors to be able to do some they didn't want him to.
    Of course, I was watching this on You Tube. I did see one very far shot when Duke was just standing there that I was not sure it was him. Can't imagine why he would have a double for that though. Keith Guess you noticed Frank McGrath and Terry Wilson of Wagon Train were both in it.....Frankie was the small bartender and Terry was at the head of the steps....later he was knocked silly through the saloon doors.