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    I watched this last week, and then forgot to write about it! It's a fun little B-Western, and not much else can be said about it!

    I'm not a big fan of Duke's "Three Mesquiteers" movies, but this one isn't bad! It has a more serious tone than the other movies of the series that Duke starred in, including a brutal double murder you don't often see in an old B Western!

    There was action and suspense and the good guys won at the end; everything you'd expect from this kind of movie!

    The climax was a little lame; as bad as the bad guy was (and Leroy Mason was good at playing bad guys), I wanted to see a tougher, more prolonged beating! This was a quick slugfest and then it was over!

    The worst part about these Mesquiteers movies is (in my opinion), Dukes worst comic sidekick, Max Turhune as Lullaby and his ventriloquist dummy, Lester! No self-respecting cowboy rides the range with a doll! And if so, his sidekicks at one time would have gotten so annoyed by this, that Lester would have ended up as kindling for the campfire!

    So, to sum it up; fun, nothing special, something good for a movie night double feature if you follow it up with something better!