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    Haunted Gold is a 1932 American Western film starring John Wayne.

    This is the 1st. of 6 films Duke made with Warner Bros, as re-makes of some
    silent films, that Ken Maynard had made.
    This one being a re-make of 1929 film The Phantom City.

    These Duke versions were made, to use up unused film, that WB had,
    featuring Ken Maynard and his miracle horse.
    They brought in Duke and Duke! The Wonder Horse,
    and substituted them into the films!!
    If you look closely, you can spot the difference,
    between the two actors.
    Even the two horses, are noticeably different.

    It opened at the Strand Theatre in New York to
    "Action Gallops across the Screen"

    With Duke, was Sheila Terry, she's a real beauty,
    and she was another one of his earlier female co-stars,
    of which he had, chemistry.
    Blue Washington, added some great comedy,
    in this captivating story of a ghost house!!
    Great mine shaft scene, and some good stunt-work, Duke
    fighting in a suspended mine bucket!!! WOW!!!

    I enjoyed this series, and they remain favourites,
    as they were amongst the first VHS, I ever bought.


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    "Author: Norm Vogel
    This western reminds me of an "old house film".....a ghost town with a "real" ghost! Secret panels, shadows on the walls,
    eyes peering thru slits in the walls, etc.
    It also gives Blue Washington the chance for some great "scared reaction" comedy (ala' Mantan Moreland or Willie Best).
    I don't much care for westerns, but the "supernatural" elements in this film make it worth watching! "*



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    Plot Summary
    John Mason returns to the Sally Ann mine to claim his half share.
    Janet Cater also returns although her father lost his half share to Joe Ryan.
    Ryan and his gang are also there to get the gold.
    A mysterious Phantom is also present.
    Mason's plan to expose Ryan as an outlaw and to force him
    to turn his share to Janet works.
    But when distracted by the Phantom, John is made a prisoner by the gang.
    Summary written by Maurice VanAuken

    Full Cast
    John Wayne .... John Mason
    Sheila Terry .... Janet Carter
    Harry Woods .... Joe Ryan
    Erville Alderson .... Tom Benedict
    Otto Hoffman .... Simon, Benedict's Servant
    Martha Mattox .... Mrs. Herman
    Blue Washington .... Clarence Washington Brown
    Duke the Horse .... Duke, John's Horse (as Duke the Miracle Horse)
    Tom Bay .... Tom (uncredited)
    Bob Burns .... Bob (uncredited)
    Ben Corbett .... Henchman Ben (uncredited)
    Jim Corey .... Henchman Ed (uncredited)
    Charles Le Moyne .... Cowhand (uncredited)
    Ken Maynard .... (archive footage) (uncredited)
    Bud Osborne .... Henchman Bud (uncredited)
    Tarzan .... (archive footage) (uncredited)
    Blackjack Ward .... Henchman (uncredited)
    Slim Whitaker .... Henchman Slim (uncredited)
    Mack V. Wright .... Henchman Mack (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Adele S. Buffington story and continuity

    Nicholas Musuraca

    * The statue of the Maltese Falcon, later used in the Humphrey Bogart classic The Maltese Falcon (1941)
    can be seen in a scene where the film's heroine Sheila Terry is playing the organ.

    * Warner Bros. salvaged long shots of silent Ken Maynard films and used them in this film. Thus, many of the long shots of John Wayne are actually shots of Maynard from earlier films.

    Filming Locations
    Iverson Ranch, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA
    Lasky Mesa, West Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
    Sonora, California, USA
    Warner Ranch, Calabasas, California, USA
    Yuma, Arizona, USA

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