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    Here's another story.
    Fort Apache the 1st in Ford and Wayne's Cavaly trilogy was released 1953 in Japan
    as the 3rd of trilogy.

    From 1945 to about 1950,Japan was occupied by allied powers,
    Supreme Commander for the allied powers thaught Fort Apache has a bad influence
    to occupied Japan, US Cavaly soldiers all dead.
    and in America ,as anti war movie, Fort Apache had a demonstration for prohibition
    release. Is it true?

    For the Question "The end of Fort Apache anticipates the newspaper editor's line in Liberty Valance, When the legend becomes a fact,prints the legend"Do you agree with that?(By Peter Bogdanovich)
    John Ford answered "Yes-because I think it's good for the country.
    Weve had a lot of people who were supposed to be great heroes,and you know damn well they were'nt.But it's good for the country to have heroes to look up to.
    and he said In Vietnam today,probably a lot of guys don't agree with their leader,but they still go ahead and do the job.

    I hate war but i love Ford's and Duke's western movies,war movies.
    Best regards,

    Frankly speaking, Fort Apache may be non-western,of course not Duke's western,
    but it 's fascination is discribtion of heartwarming cavaley life.
    that's a home dorama !
    and bringing them to ruin,in other words,tragedy
    of glory cavaley.

    To Henry Fonda, I just apply a word "STAR" to the leading actor.
    not a shade of meaning for"take to"or "fused".

    Hi Dukepilgrim
    your opinion is right, I think so,too.
    In "Fort Apache",Henry Fonda is STAR.
    But Real Star is horse solders and ther Home warming world too!
    I like this movie to much.
    and the song "Oh,Dem Golden Slippers" is Cheerful,isn't it?
    this song was used "My Darling Clementine" and "Young Mr, Lincoln".
    I want to Know other movies use this song,
    Please teach me movie titles.