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    It's funny, I can take to Henry Fonda in Young Mr Lincoln and Grapes of Wrath but was not fussed on him in Fort Apache or My Darling Clementine.

    Mister Roberts was another movie I thought he was a sour puss in because he had done the role on Broadway for so long and thought he couldnt be faulted.

    I suspect John Wayne did Fort Apache as a favour to Ford.

    Ford tended to use a lot of traditional songs in his movies and they turn up all over the place.



    Hello All

    Watched Fort Apache again tonight. Have to say out of the cavalery trilogy or quartet if you include Horse Soldiers that it is my least favourite.

    The first half of the movie is very slow. Even the Ford humour elements are tired and a little trying and I just get the feeling that they are going round the same part of Monument Valley over and over again.

    It is also pulled down by the cold unpleasant martinet role that Fonda is playing.

    Admittedly, the second half flows much better and pulls the movie towards a satisfying conclusion.

    Maybe its the subservient role that Wayne plays as Capt Yorke that is why I am not particularly fussed on the movie.

    This is an opinion I have had from a number of viewings of this movie so I guess it wont change.


    I see Fort Apache DVD is to be re released again on Region 2. Does anyone know whether the print used has been improved since last release as it was fairly poor.