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    "Baby Face" has been released on DVD this week. It's more of a Barbara Stanyck Picture than John Wayne, but still worth the JW collection. It comes in a two disc (2 movies that is) set call "Forbidden Hollywood Collection".
    The reason is that at the time of release it was very racy and had to be edited down to an acceptable version. I am not sure if this is the full version of the movie. I have read that they restored the movie to its full uncut version. I will let you know, or I'm sure someone will find out. I hope it is the full restored version. DeepDiscount price is 37.80.

    This movie cause an uproar among the Hays committee and had to be edited. If you follow the link I have provided, you will read about the movie and see what cuts have been done to the movie. this movie also cause problems for the head of the studios to where I belive Zanuck quit. He formed his own studio call "20th Century Fox"! Or so it is said.

    Here is a link to follow to read more about this racy (for 1933) movie:

    Here is a write up on the movie you ought to read.

    Hope you enjoy!