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    The sight of Oliver Hardy in buckskins and fur cap still makes me chuckle. I loved the bell crowned hat that Hardy loaned Wayne. But the statment about militia not marching is incorrect. Some of the larger militia companies (Like State Militia)were taught marching, the manual of arms, volley fire and other parts of drill. Probably based on Baron Von Steuben's training dating from the Revolutionary War. Some militia units got together often to practice and some troops had uniforms made. If a militia man needed a gun, ammunition or clothing he could be issued what was needed from the state arsenal. When Abe Lincoln first signed up for service in the Blackhawk Indian War in 1832 he didn't own a gun and was issued one. Later when he was elected captain of his unit he was issued muskets and bayonets to arm those in need. True some militia companies were next to useless but others worked at becoming good soldiers.