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    I got "Conflict" on eBay, where there's a guy selling rare and old Duke movies. The print wasn't very good, so it's nice to see the clearer pics posted above.

    The movie's corny, of course--you never doubt that the good guy, Duke, is going to beat the bad guy, Ward Bond. But I have a soft spot for this flick. For one thing, Duke gets an actual chance to act, and he does. He gets to show some range, from a tough underdog determined to win to a tentative and tender suitor.

    He's nowhere as good as he would be, but you can see the potential.

    BTW, does anyone know how many times Duke and Bond appeared together in a movie? Just counting, I have "Conflict," "The Long Journey Home," "The Quiet Man," "3 Godfathers," "They Were Expendable," and, of course, "The Searchers."

    Bond was Duke's best friend; they were both USC football players. Somehow I think it shows on screen, most notably in "The Searchers."

    I think "Conflict" is a small treasure. The studio created its weaknesses. Duke took the flawed material and ran with it. He always gave everything he had.