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    Hi Irish Duke! Well, I just happened tp be cruising on the net one night and I stumbled on to a sight called I OFFER. COM to see what they had. There was a private seller who had a lot of Weird old seldom seen movies on his sight. But he also had these five JW movies from the thirties! ( only those five from universal) Burned copies, but in pretty good shape! You can bid on them. He puts out his price, you can come in with a lower bid, go back and forth. I got them for thirty bucks! three discs, two movies on two of them, one alone. No regrets! later, bill

    I recently bought all the five movies Duke made with Universal in the thirties. They are a nice change from the quickie westerns. All of them were copies from another copy. Still, glad i got them! I especially liked this one! Its a role iv'e never seen Duke play before, a con man, fake boxer! First movie i ever saw him adopt a kid! HAWKSWILL! You'd enjoy this one! Watching the Duke slug it out in the ring with Ward Bond! Check it out if you can find it!