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    Hi Guy, Thanks. I have found some others and got a few stills of Conflict.
    I also bought the DVD.....quality is not bad! Duke was beginning to fill out a little in this movie, so Ward didn't look quite so massive chest wise next to him. His arms and forearms were larger though......different kinds of bodies anyway. Some good scenes of Duke swimming in the rapids.....have seen him swim and dive in a few movies....I think he did most all of that himself. You can tell by his stroke he was a good swimmer and comfortable in the water. Cute little movie...not a brain buster, just an old fashioned turned out good one! I liked it. Thanks again, LH

    I recently bought all the five movies Duke made with Universal in the thirties. They are a nice change from the quickie westerns. All of them were copies from another copy. Still, glad i got them! I especially liked this one! Its a role iv'e never seen Duke play before, a con man, fake boxer! First movie i ever saw him adopt a kid! HAWKSWILL! You'd enjoy this one! Watching the Duke slug it out in the ring with Ward Bond! Check it out if you can find it!