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    I finally got around to watching this and after reading about how slow and ponderous it was, I was amazed at how enjoyable the movie actually is. John Wayne and Japan is a combo that works surprisingly well. The only problem I had was how helpless John Wayne seemed when going up against that little guy. John Wayne is never helpless.

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask this but, does anybody know if there is a good ( not import ) dvd out there on the barbarian and the geisha? Does anybody have one? I have it on VHS. I liked the movie! Great story about the Japanese people. Thanks! My name is Bill, I'm from Colchester Vermont. Im 53 years old and work at IBM. Been a JW fan since i was a kid. I'm a greenhorn here so patients please!

    No there is no Region one DVD available for the Barbarian and the Geisha however you can download it from Amazon Instant Video