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    Didn't find the Blu-Ray at Wallyworld yesterday when I went shopping there. Disappointed.

    I would imagine they have sold out. Being it was the only place this and the big trail were released on blu ray the demand must have been quite high. Both are being sold on Amazon if that helps.

    I'll look for it in the next couple of days. I wish I'd known that before I suffered through this faded and sad version. Still, something to look forward to, isn't it? You're a dear. I'm not sure I can communicate how disappointed I was with the grey-as-black, pink-as-red version I suffered through. :heart: Thank you.

    It does look stunning and the best way to see it. However it doesn't transform the film into a classic, it's still rather slow and dull.

    Well, I managed to finish it out and I'm grateful I did. The fight scene was interesting and the photography was beautiful when it was new, I imagine. I'd like to get hold of the Blu-ray. I saw a letterboxed unrestored version from television.

    Thanks to everyone for their encouraging support. I give this one two stars because it was finished and I could see what they were going for in the film.


    No problem Peridot, that's why we're all on here, for encouragement!

    Walmart released a Blu ray and DVD combo earlier this year and the quality of the transfer was very good indeed.

    So, I started trying to watch The Barbarian and the Geisha...anyone else have trouble with this one?

    I hate to say it but it's sort of a stinker. I love films about Japan with accurate representations of the culture but the beginning made me cringe. Does it improve?


    Hi Peridot,
    It is a languid film with an equally tedious score which really doesn't help the proceedings!
    The cinematography is beautiful as is landscape but it does all drag a bit.
    It won't suddenly jump into life but it is worth watching all the way through.

    I hope that helps a bit!



    I finally got around to watching this and after reading about how slow and ponderous it was, I was amazed at how enjoyable the movie actually is. John Wayne and Japan is a combo that works surprisingly well. The only problem I had was how helpless John Wayne seemed when going up against that little guy. John Wayne is never helpless.

    The fight passage in the film has generated plenty of discussion on many forums!
    I have to agree the film is better than I was expecting too and the cinematography and direction is stunning.

    Finally saw this one for the first time in wide screen on Blu Ray and was knocked out by the colors and scene compositions. Watching it in pan and scan format almost completely ruins the movie.
    Wayne is admirable as always but the overall picture suffers a bit from a meandering script. Actually, I would have preferred to see more of Wayne's character and less of Japan even if it made the running time longer. I did notice that there was a lot of screen time devoted to translation.
    I recommend it, but I enjoyed "The Conqueror" more.

    We deal in lead, friend.

    Agreed Gorch,
    I watched it last week on Blu ray and have to say it was stunning.
    It's an odd entry in the Duke's canon, I can see why he chose the role for its patriotic slant, quite enjoyable none the less.