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    i was doing a little research on our national film archives web sit and found a listing for the oregon trail made by universal it was listed as production date: c.1939 dont know if that refers to the year it was released or what. it states that it is a black and white movie on 35mm. if anyone can have a look they might be able to confirm if it is the lost john wayne movie or not. it was produced as a feature film. the title number is 33582

    cheers smokey

    Hi Smokey,

    Checked up that for you.
    The film mentioned in your archives was in fact
    another film with the same title.

    Take a look here:-

    The Orgeon Trail
    (1939) Universal Studios

    The Oregon Trail is a 1936 American Western film starring John Wayne.
    It is believed to be a lost film.

    User Review


    The Gunfighter
    5 February 2004 | by Single-Black-Male (London, England)
    In this film, the 29 year old John Wayne demonstrates his marksmanship as a gunfighter.
    He was married and his wife had given birth to Michael Wayne two years earlier.
    By now, he was well on his way to becoming a thoroughbred cowboy
    because the breadth and depth of the westerns that he was appearing in.

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    Plot Summary
    U. S. Army Captain John Delmont takes a leave of absence to find out
    what happened to his missing father. Later he leads a wagon train to California
    and goes after the bad guys involved in his father's disappearance.

    Full Cast
    John Wayne .... Capt John Delmont
    Ann Rutherford .... Anne Ridgeley
    Joseph W. Girard .... Col. Delmont (as Joe Girard)
    Yakima Canutt .... Tom Richards
    Frank Rice .... Red
    E.H. Calvert .... Jim Ridgeley
    Ben Hendricks Jr. .... Maj. Harris
    Harry Harvey .... Tim
    Fern Emmett .... Minnie
    Jack Rutherford .... Benton
    Marian Ferrell .... Sis
    Roland Ray .... Markey
    Gino Corrado .... Forrenza
    Edward LeSaint .... Gen. Ferguson
    Octavio Giraud .... Don Miguel
    Frances Grant .... Settler girl (uncredited)
    Dave O'Brien .... Settler (uncredited)
    James Sheridan .... Henchman (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Jack Natteford screenplay
    Lindsley Parsons story and screenplay
    Robert Emmett Tansey story and screenplay

    Gus Peterson

    Yakima Canutt .... stunt double (uncredited)

    This film is believed lost. Please check your attic.

    Filming Locations
    Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, USA