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    Yes, Keith, I thought that myself, since neither one of them allows access...
    But I'm now trying to do my ouwn seach in YouTube and recently watched many new movies to me. In past years I've collected almost all Duke movies on DVD but from his after Stagecoach period. Also of course I have these Lone Star Westerns, but now to discover these other early movies is such a fun for me.


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    The Three Musketeers is a 1933 film serial produced by Mascot Pictures
    which updates Dumas' The Three Musketeers
    by setting the story in contemporary North Africa.
    The Musketeers are soldiers in the French Foreign Legion,
    and D'Artagnan (renamed Lt. Tom Wayne and played by John Wayne),
    is a pilot in the United States military.

    The serial is in the public domain.

    In 1946 Republic Pictures edited the serial into a feature film called Desert Command

    This was Duke's 3rd. and final series for Mascot
    where he plays, strangely enough, a pilot called Tom WAYNE!

    The series was 12 chapters, lasting three and a half hours.

    Duke's leading lady was Ruth Hall, he made a few films with her,
    while Frances X.Bushman Jr. and Noah Beery Jr, were in support.

    User Reviews


    Author: C.K. Dexter Haven from BC.From IMdb

    An old creaker of a 12 chapter Foreign Legion serial actually puts John Wayne in the forefront of the action despite having him appear only fourth in the credits. The production standards of course were nothing to write home about then and are certainly slapdash now but the action has some nifty inventive moments and it was all shot on location which was a big plus. The good natured comraderie between the "musketeers" was definitely used as a prototype for Gunga Din, made six years later by RKO. Some notable appearances by Noah Beery Jr, Lon Chaney and Yakima Canutt will interest film historians and the adventure is entertaining enough even if you can't get through all the chapters in one sitting. Not the greatest old-time serial ever made I'm sure but I'll watch John Wayne in anything and the DVD was worth the purchase.


    Re titled, re-edited and re-released in 1946 as a feature,
    Desert Command (1946).


    Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas


    Plot Summary
    Tom Wayne rescues Clancy, Renard and Schmidt in the Arabian desert
    and they join him in going after El Shasta, a bad guy who is never seen
    as he tries to wipe out the Foreign Legion.
    Summary written by Ed Stephan

    Full Cast
    Jack Mulhall .... Clancy
    Raymond Hatton .... Renard
    Ralph Bushman .... Schmidt (as Francis X. Bushman Jr.)
    John Wayne .... Lt. Tom Wayne
    Ruth Hall .... Elaine Corday
    Lon Chaney Jr. .... Lt. Armand Corday [Chs. 1, 10] (as Creighton Chaney)
    Hooper Atchley .... El Kadur
    Gordon De Main .... Col. Duval
    Robert Frazer .... Major Booth, USA
    Noah Beery Jr. .... Noah Stubbs [Chs. 1-2, 10]
    Al Ferguson .... Ali
    Edward Peil Sr. .... Ratkin (as Edward Piel)
    William Desmond .... Capt. Boncour
    George Magrill .... El Maghreb
    Robert Warwick .... Col. Brent, USA [Ch. 1]
    Yakima Canutt .... El Shaitan, when masked/Legion Officer [Ch. 8] (uncredited)
    Emile Chautard .... Gen. Pelletier [Ch. 1] (uncredited)
    Ken Cooper .... Arab (uncredited)
    Frank Ellis .... Legionnaire (uncredited)
    Rodney Hildebrand .... Col. Demoyne [Chs. 11-12] (uncredited)
    Wilfred Lucas .... El Shaitan (voice) (uncredited)
    Kermit Maynard .... Legionnaire (uncredited)
    Merrill McCormick .... Ben Yosif [Chs. 5, 7] (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Ella Arnold
    Colbert Clark
    Bennett Cohen (as Ben Cohen)
    Alexandre Dumas père story
    Wyndham Gittens
    Norman S. Hall (as Norman Hall)

    Original Music
    Lee Zahler (uncredited)

    Tom Galligan
    Ernest Miller
    Edgar Lyons

    Yakima Canutt .... stunts (uncredited)
    Ken Cooper .... stunts (uncredited)
    George Magrill .... stunts (uncredited)
    Kermit Maynard .... stunts (uncredited)

    Chapter Titles: - 1. The Fiery Circle -
    2. One For All, All For One -
    3. The Master Spy -
    4. Pirates of the Desert -
    5. Rebel Rifles -
    6. Death's Marathon -
    7. Naked Steel -
    8. The Master Strikes -
    9. The Fatal Cave -
    10.Trapped! -
    11.The Measure of a Man -
    12.The Value of Comrades

    Retitled, re-edited and re-released in 1946 as a feature, Desert Command (1946).

    Filming Locations
    Bronson Caves, Bronson Canyon,
    Buttercup Valley, Arizona, USA
    Imperial County, California, USA
    Yuma, Arizona, USA

    Watch the Full Serial:-

    The Three Musketeers (1932) - 12 Chapters
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