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    Was he referring to war with the Soviet Union?

    In 1936 Hitler wanted an alliance with the British Empire against the Soviet threat.

    Ribbentrop however was always an Anglophobe.

    Thanks for the interesting article!

    I sent it by email to my father.

    I can't speak for McLaglen but Cooper, Bond and Brennan were each politically conservative and vocal about it...and in Liberal Hollywood...even back then...that was reason to paint them as pro-Fascist. Today it's even be conservative in Hollywood merits blacklisting. John Wayne was very conservative as well but got along great with Liberals for the most part...even those who disagreed with him liked him personally and admired his professionalism.

    So sad...the Leftists don't even know Fascism is a Left-wing form of politics and government. Hitler himself declared himself a Socialist. That makes Liberal heads explode when they hear the facts.

    On February 20, 1920, the German Workers' Party changed its name to the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Hitler did not like the addition of the word "socialist" because he loathed socialism and communism, but acquiesced because the executive committee thought it might be helpful in attracting workers from the left. Some of the first people to be arrested and sent to concentration camps upon Hitler's seizure of power in 1933 were prominent German socialists and communists.

    I don't think McLaglen was 6'3". He didn't look it in "Sea Fury" with Stanley Baker.

    Was it ever confirmed that McLaglen was pro-fascist? I know Ward Bond, Gary Cooper and Walter Brennan had the same charge levelled at them.