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    I finally got to see the episode of Have Gun Will Travel with Vic as the dam builder. It's one of the 101 episodes directed by his son Andrew. You can tell during his "fight" scene with Richard Boone that he's gotten older, which of course, is fine, because, like all of us, he has.

    He was a VERY fine actor, and a joy to watch in everything he did!

    In Richard Boone's biography, A Knight Without Honor In A Savage Land, Andy, his son, said that Victor got so worked up during rehearsal for that scene that he aimed a very real haymaker at Boone's chin. The senior Mr McLaglen sounds like a wonderful person to have known and an amazing actor. I always loved him.

    Andrew McLaglen was pleased to have had the experience of directing his father on HGWT. He also said it wasn't unusual for actors to lose their tempers for real when acting with Richard Boone.