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    I have one of those Kindle e-readers. The one I have is the Fire and you can watch movies on it. I also belong to Amazon Prime, which allows me to download certain movies at no charge. Just recently, I downloaded The High And The Mighty and I found it a joy to watch, even on a small screen. I wore my headhpones to get a better sound quality and as I said, it was enjoyable to watch the movie. First time I had seen it since it came out on video.

    That movie you're thinking of, Arthur, is called Zero Hour. Dana Andrews plays Lt. Stryker, same name as Robert Hays character in Airplane. Sterling Hayden is also in it along with a good cast. And just like Airplane, the crew and passengers get sick and another pilot on board has to take over. Dana Andrews was also in a similar movie a couple of years later called The Crowded Sky. It's about two planes on a collision course and the passengers and crew from each reflecting on their lives.