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    Hi Arthur

    High & Mighty is £6.00 in HMV

    Also included is In Harms Way, Big Jake El Dorado and True Grit.

    I didnt see what price Mc Lintock was but it was there too.

    Hondo is £10.00.

    Most are just widescreen versions with I believe a A3 poster included.

    No extras other than that



    Hi Arthur

    I think two factors score against High & Mighty both of which are not it's fault.

    The movie really doesnt get much air play on TV and is difficult to get unless on Region 1 DVD. This means a lot of John Wayne fans havent seen it. Island in the Sky is the other movie that comes to mind in that category.

    The second factor I suppose against it is that it is not the usual John Wayne fare that we all know and recognise.

    That said it is a good movie although when compiling 25 favourites it is easy to fall into the trap of picking the most popular and well known.

    This year. I included Tall in the Saddle which I have watched recently and thought it was worth including in my 25.