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    The New Frontier is a 1935 American Western film starring John Wayne.

    Duke as John Dawson, pursues an outlaw leader,
    in this oater.

    Variety quoted


    Duke as having,
    A good voice...nice personality.

    I do hope they didn't mean is singing Voice!!!!!

    The stories, were stronger, and were getting better production values,
    Republic were now increasing their profits.

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    Plot Summary
    Pioneers are surging westward to the Cherokee Strip,
    eager to conquer a new frontier, while wagonmasters Milt Dawson (Sam Flint)
    and his son, John (John Wayne) watch with interest.
    The latter is not ready to try his hand at homesteading and prefers
    to leading outfits safely to their destination.
    While John is leading the Miller-Myers party of settlers,
    Milt returns to a nearby town to witness the dubious advantgaes of civilization.
    Some of the pioneers he helped bring west, like Parson Shaw (Allan Cavan)
    and Tom Lewis (Murdock MacQuarrie), are struggling to bring religion
    and an honest work ethic to the territory, while others, l
    ike saloon proprietor Ace Holmes (Warner Richmond),
    open the town to murder and corruption.
    The honest citizens ask Milt to become the town's first sheriff.
    He declines but when a citizen is murdered, Milt confronts Holmes
    and is shot down in cold blood. John has brought the latest group
    of settlers through, averting a battle with a hungry gang of outlaws
    by befriending the leader, Kit (Alan Bridge),and leaving behind
    some food and supplies.
    John is eager to see Hannah Lewis (Muriel Evans), daughter of Tom,
    but his homecoming is ruined by the news of his father's death.
    John takes the sheriff's job and Holmes, intent on controlling the town,
    hires a gang of cutthroats led by Norton (Glenn Strange.)
    John escapes a Norton-gang ambush and faces Holmes in a showdown,
    but is struck down from behind. Kit and his now well-fed gang rescues John.
    John deputizes Kit and his men and they confront Holmes and his saloon
    henchies and a gun battle begins, with Johh, Kit and the outlaw deputies
    taking cover in the drainage ditches being dug in the main street.
    Lewis sets fire to Ace's saloon in the hope of smoking out the bar henchies
    but Norton and his gang ride in and set other buildings ablaze as the gunfight rages.
    Kit is killed while saving John's life and the lawful factor finally win the battle
    against the lawless proponents.
    Summary written by Les Adams

    Full Cast
    John Wayne .... John Dawson
    Muriel Evans .... Hanna Lewis
    Warner Richmond .... Ace Holmes
    Al Bridge .... Kit (as Alan Bridge)
    Sam Flint .... Milt Dawson
    Murdock MacQuarrie .... Tom Lewis
    Allan Cavan .... Minister Shaw
    Mary MacLaren .... Mrs. Shaw
    Hooper Atchley .... Joe
    Theodore Lorch .... Joe (as Theodore Loren)
    Glenn Strange .... Norton
    Philip Kieffer .... Settler (as Phil Keefer)
    Frank Ball .... Ted
    Jack Montgomery .... Smokey
    Chuck Baldra .... Outlaw deputy (uncredited)
    Art Dillard .... Barfly (uncredited)
    Earl Dwire .... Pat Miller (uncredited)
    Herman Hack .... Outlaw deputy (uncredited)
    Pat Harmon .... Henchman (uncredited)
    John Ince .... Myers (uncredited)
    Jack Kirk .... Outlaw deputy (uncredited)
    Cactus Mack .... Tex (uncredited)
    Perry Murdock .... Henry (uncredited)
    Eddie Parker .... Henchman (uncredited)
    Fred Parker .... Phil (uncredited)
    Tex Phelps .... Outlaw deputy (uncredited)
    James Sheridan .... (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Robert Emmett Tansey (as Robert Emmett)

    Harry Neumann
    Gus Peterson

    Yakima Canutt .... stunt double (uncredited)
    Eddie Parker .... stunt double (uncredited)

    Errors in geography: The scenes set in Kansas feature snow-capped mountains,
    of which Kansas has none.

    Filming Locations
    Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, USA
    Kernville, California, USA
    Trem Carr Ranch, Newhall, California, USA