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    Not sure, but I think this is mainly crew. Duke, besides having three parts, was in charge of Stepin Fetchit's wardrobe.....he was already working for Pappy then, but pretty sure this was his first speaking role. He played an underclassman in three places, and then Ward's upperclassman buddy after that. Some SUPER football game scenes where he and Ward were both actually the players.....I believe Duke was 10 and Ward was 46...been a while......but pretty sure that is correct. Yep. This pic shows them both
    going up to block O'Brien's Kick. You can see the vertical football's two stripes at the top of Ward's left hand when he blocked the kick. Duke is going up on the left a little behind Ward. I have a ton of screen catches if anyone would like them......most are very clear. Just let me know. KEITH Hadn't seen the "staff" picture or whatever it was, E Keith, thanks. Another for the old collection!

    People who worked on the 1929 movie Salute
    including Marion Morrison -- later known as John Wayne (on the right).

    Well, I am not POSTIVE, Jim, but I have sketched Ward a bunch, and all I can say is that his ears and hairline are dead on. But, I have only seen on pic of him in college, and that is the one standing in the hallway in Salute with his hat can't be sure. Also, since he and Duke were the only two speaking parts from USC, I imagine it would be him. Will have to get my printer guy to blow it up for us. KEITH

    Not sure about the guy on Duke's left being Ward Bond. Picture pixelated too much when I zoomed in to be of any help.

    Right you are Jim. I believe this must have been a staff picture maybe. Because Ward is next to Duke. At least it is someone with the same ears, hairline and a bit larger head even though he was skinny at the time, LOL!
    Right height also.

    Very nice, thanks for sharing it with us! KEITH

    I would almost KILL to see Ward in Salute. Can't believe someone has actually SEEN it! Oh, if only someone would put it out for us to get! 'Thanks for the pics and info. KEITH, (Ward's person, LOL)!