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    So now You want Me To Just Shut Up when I Say Somthing that You Don't Like, if you are Wrong Your Wrong ?
    I am Sorry That I Stepped On Your Toes, But Please Don't Step on Mine It Brings Out The Mean Side Of Me !

    You are Very Wrong About Gail Russell She was a Very Nice and Beautiful Person and Duke Never Drank Boose when He was around Her Because He Knew Her Problem that She Got at a Very Young Age !
    When They where doing
    "The Angel and The Badman"
    In Sedona, Arizona in 1947 Duke Watched Her Like a Hawk to Keep Her away from Boose of any Kind, and when They were staying at The Cottonwood Hotel and going on Pick-Nicks on Oak Creek at Cornville there was Never Any Boose Duke Saw To That !!
    How Do I Know ? Because I Was There, and I Don't Think Many of You were even Here Yet !!!
    Now as for The Mexican Fire Ball Chata,
    She Drank Her Self To Death Also ?

    In 1947 when Duke did "The Angel and the Badman" in Sedona, Arizona, We never saw Gail Russell with too Much to Drink, But Duke Watched Her like a Hawk! At that that time the only place to get Alcohol was at the Sedona Bar and Pool Hall, and Duke went everywhere with Her. :(

    She was a Very Nice Young Lady and only a few years older than us young Kids.

    Chilibill :cowboy: