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    Paradise Canyon is a 1935 Western film starring John Wayne, directed by Carl L. Pierson.
    The film was Wayne's final Monogram Pictures/Lone Star Production Western

    I am biased towards, these Lone Star films.
    I enjoy all of them, for all their whirlwind, few days, low budget filming,
    they are a joy, and fun to watch.

    Another routine western, starring Duke as John Wyatt,
    on the trail of counterfeiters., joining a medicine show in the process.
    Duke and Yak, stage a couple of great fight scenes
    These westerns were not always that polished, but there was plenty of action.
    American was recovering from the depression, and Duke was becoming
    a representative symbol to audiences.

    A studio merger was around the corner, not only benefiting film goers,
    but Duke as well, and for him stardom was beckoning.


    Republic, I like the sound of the word.

    The Alamo(1960)


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    Plot Summary

    Robert Emmett Tansey never wrote a plot he didn't get at least five versions out of over a period of 15 years or so,
    and this one is no exception with "Arizona Days" and "Harmony Trail" among the remakes.
    Government agent John Wyatt (John Wayne) is searching for a counterfeit ring operating on the Mexican/Arizona border
    and joins Doc Carter's (Earle Hodgins) traveling medicine show as a sharpshooter. Since Carter was recently released from prison,
    Wyatt is keeping one eye on him and both eyes on his daughter Linda (Marion Burns) who performs as "Natasha"
    in John's shooting act.
    But Doc is searching for the former partner who framed him with the counterfeiting charges that unjustly sent him to prison.
    That man was Curly Joe Gale (Yakima Canutt) just up the road a piece in Los Piedros.
    Gale frames Wyatt and while he is escaping from the sheriff, Gale abducts Doc and Linda.
    Wyatt eludes the posse and crosses the border to get extradition rights from the Mexican Rurales Captain (Gino Corrado.)
    The Captain has had his own man, Miguel (Joe Dominguez), watching Gale and he promises Wyatt his government's support.
    Wyatt is mistakenly arrested by Mexican law officers while Gale heads for the Old Paradise Mine where he has the Carters prisoners.
    Will Wyatt get free again and arrive in time to save the Carters?
    Summary written by Les Adams

    Full Cast
    John Wayne .... John Wyatt aka John Rogers
    Marion Burns .... Linda Carter aka Princess Natasha
    Earle Hodgins .... Doc Carter
    Yakima Canutt .... Curly Joe Gale
    Reed Howes .... Henchman Red
    Perry Murdock .... Mike (singer, Texas Two)
    Gordon Clifford .... Ike (singer, Texas Two)
    Gino Corrado .... Rurales captain
    Henry Hall .... Colonel Peters
    Chuck Baldra .... Henchman Slim (uncredited)
    Bob Burns .... Sheriff #1 (New Mexico) (uncredited)
    Horace B. Carpenter .... Blacksmith (uncredited)
    Joe Dominguez .... Miguel (uncredited)
    Earl Dwire .... Sheriff #2 (Arizona) (uncredited)
    John F. Goodrich .... Cowboy (uncredited)
    Herman Hack .... Deputy Herman (uncredited)
    George Morrell .... Townsman (uncredited)
    Tex Palmer .... Tex (Gale henchman) (uncredited)
    Fred Parker .... Skeptic at medicine show (uncredited)
    Tex Phelps .... New Mexico deputy (uncredited)
    James Sheridan .... Pete (Gale henchman) (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Lindsley Parsons (story)
    Robert Emmett Tansey (as Robert Emmett)

    Archie Stout

    Yakima Canutt .... stunts (uncredited)

    Filming Locations
    Santa Clarita, California, USA
    Kernville, California, USA
    Trem Carr Ranch, Newhall, California, USA

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