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    I too enjoy Jimmy Stewart movies and was able to enjoy a rarely shown movie called The Mountain Road a few days back. An enjoyable movie with an ending I didn't expect.

    It appears TCM will be having a James Stewart marathon this Tuesday in honor of his 100th birthday. Just thought I would give all Stewart fans a quick heads up. Alas, I won't be anywhere around to watch it. :cry2:

    Happy Birthday James Stewart. You would have been 99 years old on the 20th. TCM will be showing a handful of your movies.

    The Mortal Storm
    The Glenn Miller Story
    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and
    The Far Country

    Just wonder if TCM will have a big blowout for you on your 100th like they are The Duke this year.

    After enjoying the Dean Martin/John Wayne sketch, I also found a Dean Martin/James Stewart sketch on YouTube that I think everyone will enjoy.

    If anyone listens to RadioClassics, they are playing episodes of the six shooter and if you're a Jimmy Stewart fan, then check it out. The stories only last around 25 minutes and quite interesting.