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    Taka, I think you are quite right! On the shelf to the right of the blue flag, it sure looks like an Oscar to me.

    Chester :newyear:

    Thanks Jim,I also think that the possibility of this statue is Oscar is high.
    That photo,i picked up from the official homepage of James Stewart Meuseum.
    However, there is no caption, no taking a picture data(when taken).
    There is a possibility that is the replica too.
    So, against DukePilgrim's question,i can't give an adequate answer.
    By the way, Where is Duke's Oscar now?


    Is Jimmy's Oscar still on display in his home town or has it been relocated?

    This is a photograph where the inside in the James Stewart museum was copied. this museum is in his hometown Indiana,PA.
    Isn't a golden color image that is here Oscar?


    Is it true though heard that there is an airport which mamed James Stewart in the United States as well as John Wayne airport?

    Well.i searched by myself.

    [SIZE=+1]Stewart was the first Hollywood star to enlist in the military for World War II, joining nearly a year before the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was initially refused entry into the U.S. Air Force because he weighed five pounds less than the 148-pound minimum requirement, but Stewart convinced the recruiting officer to ignore the weight requirement. Stewart's war record included 25 combat missions in Europe as a command pilot. He rose to the rank of colonel -- the highest-ranking actor in military history -- and earned the Air Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Croix de Guerre and seven battle stars. In 1959, while serving in the Air Force Reserves, he became a brigadier general, and the Indiana County Airport in his hometown was re-named the Jimmy Stewart Airport. He retired from the Reserves in 1968. [/SIZE]