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    I found another fine James Stewart Western in my collection today: Bandolero! A more tragic western movie in the end, but with funny elements too, starring James Stewart and Dean Martin riding with a gang of bank robbers.

    And You should watch Two Rode Together (this one was mentioned before). James Stewart plays a US Marshal and Richard Widmark is a cavalry officer. Both are searching for children robbed by the Comanches. - it is not The Searchers, but another great John Ford movie!

    I remember a funny western movie Jimmy Stewart did. I think it was called The Cheyenne Social Club.
    It is the story of a cowboy who is very religios and inherits a whore house. When he is comming there, he thinks the "Social Club" is some kind of institution for old and homeless cowboys, but then he realizes, what he has got...
    I have never seen this movie on DVD and TV-stations seem to air it not too often. I watched it over 30 years ago, but I remember it was funny!

    Shenandoah was another great Jimmy Stewart Western: story of a father who is against war and has to search for his sons during the Civil War.
    Night Passage is a good one too: Jimmy Stewart and Audie Murphy as brothers, one a railroad engineer, the other one a train-robber. Jimmy is singin´"You can´t get far without a Railroad" in that movie!