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    wow! i havent been on here in a while, since i was still on crutches and im glad to see that everyone has made more posts here! i just got done watchin about 4 jimmy movies they were rear window, shop around the corner, bend in the river, and the far country.

    good im gald he is the Pals part. to be honest i have always been around John Wayne movies, but just this summer i have really gotten into them.mostly in part to my knee surgery ..... so ive been in bed all summer!:glare: but it brought me into my new western world! lol after i seen Two Rode Together on hallmark i started watchin Jimmy in his movies. so there are a lot of movies that i havent seen yet.

    hey guys i am new here and i have been floatin around in other threads and noticed that Jimmy Stewart has been brought up a few times. i am a huge fan of his and love all of his movies! from the older ones with his shy, sweet, cute type demeanor to his darker western pictures. i think he is a great actor (but doesnt hold a candle to Duke) and i was wondering if we could start a conversation on him.