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    I too enjoy Jimmy Stewart movies and was able to enjoy a rarely shown movie called The Mountain Road a few days back. An enjoyable movie with an ending I didn't expect.

    "Bout time you came here kiddo ;-)) and I too saw The Mountain Road but it was about a month or so ago. The only thing I didn't like about that movie-was that guy who was always crying about wanting some milk. Had I been the James Stewart character-I would have shot him to shut him up. :teeth_smile:

    James Stewart was yet another household name in our house. I was always a fan of his. I don't know what I first saw him in but, always heard about the movie: Winchester '73 - which I had not seen until one time we were on vacation visiting my Grandmother in Houston. I remember we all sat back and watched it to the end, before we were dropped off at Astroworld. This was the only time that we did not leave early for the theme park - which, sadly; no longer exists.