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    When was the last mememberable theme you heard that wasnt a pop song?

    Oh my that is actually quite hard.... I sat here trying to think and I thought I had an answer for you but that theme is 15 years old. There has been no recent themes in the past 5 years that have been memorable.... It wasn't till now that I realized that I have been missing the composers like Dimitri and the like.

    The problem I have with Bernstein is that all his western themes sounds pretty similar . of course it doesn't help that a lot of other composers used his themes and made them kind of a like mass produced product. At least to me, anyway. But if that many people were ripping him off he has to be good. I'll give him another try before I make my final judgment.

    Jerry Goldsmith composed what I feel is the best 60's John Wayne score, and with the exception of John Williams, composed my favorite score. It's an awesome score that almost seems ahead of it's time and has a classic quality all at once.