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    Just got your two Greeting Cards that you sent me they are Very Pretty :wub: and very different from the ones that we have here in the Southwest part of the U.S. :)

    I put up Joanne Dru's Recipe for "Red River Chili" that She sent me in the 1970's and that we put in the Chili Cookbook. :rolleyes: You can go to the Site Below for a Look!


    Chilibill :cowboy:


    Yes She sent me the Recipe a week or two after the Chili Contest and was the one that Her Husband C.V. Wood used when They were Cooking in Chili Contests. C.V. and Joanne were Chili Champions also! :D It is the same one that is in my Chili Cookbook that You have. :)


    All I can remember is that Duke was about one Foot taller than Her, but in those days the Woman was smaller than they are today, so I think She was about 5' 6" but that is just a Guess. ;)

    Bill :cowboy:


    Here is a little more Trivia on Joanne Dru. :uhuh2:

    During the Filming of "Yellow Ribbon" in Monument Valley late 1940s most of us young kids that were the Horse Solders were in Love with Her even if She was about 10 Years older than us. She was a very Nice Young Lady. :wub:

    I did not see her again until sometime in the 1970s when I was Cooking in the California "Chili Championships" and all the Big Wigs and the Judges came by to meet all the Contestants, I looked up and there was Joanne Dru with all the Big Wigs! :rolleyes:

    Her Husband C.V. Wood jr. was the Head of the "U.S. Chili Association" and She was to be one of the Judges in the Chili Cook Off. We talked about "Yellow Ribbon" and Duke for some time. :) After the Contest was over We talked more about the old days in Monument Valley and "Yellow Ribbon" and Duke and She was Still a Very Nice Beautiful Lady. :D

    I Did Not Win This Chili Contest, but had a Great Time Talking to Joanne and Her Husband C.V. Wood. :)

    Chilibill :cowboy: