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    Hello story is one you have heard many times Father was a fan of his movies, and I remember watching them on British Television as a child....

    Recently, decided to watch them all again...and all these memories came flooding back....damn...I'd forgotten just how good he was....

    Found this site by accident while surfing for John Wayne photos...and think I may never leave...and I've just arrived !!!!!!

    Well, we are sure glad that you found us by accident. I think most of us do, but that's great. I believe I found this by accident as well, when I was goggling myself, looking for anything John Wayne and well the rest is history. That was 7 years ago. It might have been some other search engine, now that I think about it. :))):

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    I also went to winterset,Ia one, they closed the door on the house at 5p.m,
    We arrrived about 5:15, walked around and looked in the windows. Bought some
    gas and talked to several of the locals. The town tried to get Duke to come back
    and visit,but he never did.
    We go to minneapolis every year, so go by on the freeway, winterset is about
    15 miles off and a small nice little town.

    colkid60, let me add my welcome here on this message board. When traveling on the Interstate, and you come up to the exit in Winterset, is there a sign on the highway also mentioning The Birthplace of John Wayne?

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    Just curious Ringo could you explain how you became a John Wayne fan? You told us the first movies you watched, and that you were weened, but that doesn't tell us that much about your beginnings of being a fan. Example, could your father have been a fan, and you watched movies with him? Just interested in how you started out on Duke.

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    I'd like to welcome you to the great message board in the world that honors a great legend, John Wayne! That's a pretty good quote even though it didn't come from Rooster (Duke) Cogburn. This came from Cheney after he was shot from that child. Anyway, this is a good quote, and I hope you get to see that movie very soon. Again, welcome and glad to have you here. I see that you've been signed up for a while. That's alright. I just wanted to officially say, "Howdy Pilgrim."

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    My fan status would be around 1991 when I started collecting John Wayne on the Timelife John Wayne collection. This started out with Rio Bravo, and I have been a rabid fan ever since.

    But going back, I saw my first Duke movie in 1967 with the re-release of McLintock! and love the comedy. I especially enjoyed as a 6 year old the fact that adults could get a wooping if they act up, but the mud fight scene was the best. Later, I saw The Green Berets, Ture Grit, The Train Robbers, and The Shootist at the drive-in.

    I collected John Wayne posters in the early days before his death, and of course hung them up with Farrah Fawcett Majors, and some other cute women (can't remember their names, must not have been important).

    I remember seeing Duke on Bob Hope specials, Laugh-In, Red Skelton and Lucy Shows. He was always someone I respected and liked. I loved him on a Dean Martin Roast, and found him funny. So, I guess, I have always been a fan as long as I can remember, but more so today, because of his causes, and beliefs. He was tough, and hard, but he was a very fair man. He always wanted what was best for everyone, and he was no nonsense kind of person.

    During the "hippie days", I didn't hear much about Duke, because I was caught up with the scene, and Duke didn't fit in that scene. He wasn't in my generation, and I was into what my friends were into.

    By the time I got into high school, I had several friends who loved John Wayne and loved imitating him by his talk and walk. We all did that, and had a great time.

    Most of the movies up to the time of 1991 I seen on TV were his movies in the '60's and '70's. So what a great discovery to find classics in video before the '60's.

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