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    Hi Mrs C

    With the crash this week and in response your request to repeat how we became John Wayne fans here goes.

    I have been a fan of John Wayne for as long as I have been watching films and that is from the late 1940s.

    We used to go the cinema every Sunday night, to the Shaftsbury the local cheap cinema that never showed new pictures , alway ones that were a few months old, lot of Joun Wayne pictures. And during the summer holidays most of te time was spent at the cinema, with Saturday mornings at the Gaumont Saturday Cinema Club.

    My first memories of John Wayne were The Fighting Kentuckian and Wake of the Red Witch, and I still retain a very soft spot for these pictures. Then Island n the Sky, and one night going to the Troxy, which at the time, was the only cinema in town showing Cinemascope pictures, to see The High and The Mighty, I even went and bought the record of the theme music by Norrie Paramour on a 78, and up to a couple of months ago thought I still had it, but its gone.

    In the late fifties I went to the Gaumont to see a special screening of Red River and came out having seen one of my all time favourite John Wayne pictures. Then my mum told me about the fight scene in the Quiet Man, and lo and behold when it came back to the good old Shaftsbury, off I went and saw my all time favourite John Wayne picture.

    Since then with the invention of the video I have managed to see and collect many of his earlier films especially his work for Monogram.

    Later I used to write to a man in Canada whose uncle was the cowboy star Rod Cameron and he put me on to someone he knew who had John Wayne tapes.

    The amazing thing was I sent him one letter telling him I was interested, he sent back ten video tapes, that could play on English television, containing films such as Hangman's House, Salute Men Without Women, many of the three Mesquiteer series The High and the Mighty and Island in the Sky. seventeen in all, with no question of payment. There ar'nt many people like him around.

    From Bill Cameron I also got the address of the stunt man Neil Summers. I wrote to him and he sent me a couple of autographed photographs. As I opened one I realised it was a photograph of Neil standing next to John Wayne and both had been signed. Just for a brief second I thought that all my Christmas's had come at once but looking I realised that the photo including Dukes signature was a print . But Neils signature was real and I still treasure it.

    Tis pen picture is slightly different from the original but there it is.