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    Thank you for the welcome. Really don't have any connections other that scanning the net for vintage Wayne signatures. I have always strictly dealt with well known
    UACC autograph dealers over the years, but some of my items came through private collections. I would'nt suggest anyone without knowlege buy a signature privetely as it's too easy to get burnt. The script is truely a one of a kind piece, but I think my favorite is the handwritten card to his mom. Duke has written how he misses his mother and due to his filming schedule he would not be able to see her over the Thanksgiving Holiday...ALL HANDWRITTEN! Best of all he signed it "Marion aka Duke"
    On a letter to Hal Wallis, Duke has signed "Your Ever Lovin Duke or Rooster" Just the thought of owning these items brings a smile to my face on a bad day. I hope they are passed down through my family for many years to come! I really don't buy much any more with the exception to something with a great inscription. I recently bought a life magizine cover which reads "IF I must be hung, May it be at McGinlly High. John Wayne"...not really sure what it means, but thought it was a great western reference. I am still looking for a John Wayne bank check. Although scarce, I know that they are out there! :wink_smile:

    Hello everyone, I became a John Wayne fan back in summer of 1969 when I went to the movies with my parents at the Jersey Shore and saw True Grit. Every time I see the movie or Duke, it brings back memories of my father. Although my father has been gone for 20 years, I still have connection to him through John Wayne. I have collected Wayne autographs over the last 15 or so years. I have over 40 examples, not just photos or album pages. I have some very unique items including a screen actors guild signed application, a hotel regestration, several signed movie contracts, a wonderful letter to Hal Wallis detailing how Rooster Cogburn should be portrayed in the opening scenes of "Rooster Cogburn". Two of my most prized possessions are a hand written Thanksgiving card to his ailing mother while filming in Durango, and finally...Duke's working script from the Shootist which was signed by Wayne, Bacall, Morgan, Howard,Boone and the rest of the cast and production crew. This script was inscribed by Duke and given to the Carringtons. The Carringtons owened the home that used in the film that was run by Bond Rogers played by Lauren Bacall. This home is now known as the Kreb-Peterson Home. Can you imagine owning John Wayne's last script?
    Although I do not do this as any type of business, I would be happy to answer any questions regarding your Duke autographs. I can tell a forgery in a secound or two. I can even tell you in which period the signature was done as his autograph had changed a bit over time. Good luck to all!