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    Watched "New In Town" with my wife last night. Not a bad movie, just seemed to spin it's wheels at times. It was filmed in Winnipeg but was suppose to take place in New Ulm, MN so it had some local appeal. The one thing that I wish they would stop doing is our accent, ala "Fargo"....We really don't talk with such a pronounced accent up here in the north land.

    Well on my trip to Atlanta I went on a movie watching spree last week. I seen "Star Trek", Termintator: Salvation". Terminator was a admirable edition to the series, not outstanding but not bad either. "Star Trek" was down right awesome. Paid homage to its roots nicely and well acted, I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the series, I even went to it a 2nd time over the weekend with my son. That is how good I think that movie is. Also we. as a family went to the new Ben Stiller flick, Night at the Museum 2. My wife and I both fell asleep. It was not as good as the first one, that's for sure.

    My son and I went to Wolverine over the weekend. It received really bad reviews but I actually enjoyed it. Nice background story and fun to see some of the "mutnats" in there younger years.

    Casino Royale, I thought it was a horrible attempt at a james bond movie and sorry james bond compared to Sean Connery and the old ones. Im sure some liked it, but it wasnt to my taste.

    Oh God, don't get me and Stumpy started!!! :) J/K!!

    I really liked the first Daniel Craig Bond flick and I think Stumpy did as well. It's the 2nd one( Quantum of Solace ) that we disagree on. I liked it as a sequel to the first one. As a standalone movie, it was not that good, and will someone please stop with the "shaky camera" crap!! We get it, they are being chased, in a hurry, going over a bumpy road, ect.....Just let me see that action without puking!!

    We're just not gonna be on the same page on this, Todd. Compared to "Casino Royale", I thought "Quantum of Solace" stunk.

    Not a problem. That was just my opinion.

    I do think that the next one will be quite good as the background has been setup for how Bond became Bond.

    If you look at the latest Bond movie as a continuation of Casino Royale then you can see what the director was trying to accomplish. It doesn't do well as a stand alone movie but together I think they are great. Watch them one right after another and see what you think.

    This afternoon me and the kids also watched The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. That was after watching Big Jake this morning. They both watched this movie. Cold outside today so not much fun playing outside.

    I liked Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull .I found it fast
    paced and exciting ! If we went by May2's advice ,I don't think Duke
    would have made McQ, Brannigan, Big Jake, True Grit ,Rooster Cogburn,etc.
    Harrison Ford is in great physical shape in his 60's, so why shouldn't the series keep going as long as possible.
    I joined this forum not just because it honoured John Wayne,but because
    it honoured a John Wayne who was making ACTION movies well into his sixties !

    I enjoyed it myself. The problem I have is that it kind of reminds me of the second film, Temple of Doom. I liked it while I was watching it, it is just not a movie that I find myself saying" Let's grab that and watch it again".

    And to May2, as much as you might want it to end. Shia LeBouf will continue the series, you could see that coming and then the ending pretty much proved that.

    Thanks Mike. Our family is excited to see this movie.

    I watched "Back to Baatan" today. I like Anthony Quinn in his older movies more then his newer ones. Plus Duke was his same reliable self.

    Over the weekend we watched some movie's while the "weather outside was frightful" !!!

    We watched "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" If you liked the first 2 then you will like this one.

    "Traitor" with Don Cheadle. I am still on the fence on this one. I think I will have to watch it again.

    "Santa Baby" with George Wendt and Jenny McCarthy.

    And last night I watched "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation" That movie kills me!!